minions All full mini movie Parody :-

1.Minions Batman vs Superman ..

Superhero minions Battle Unveblivble story happen minions didn’t know each other and also they don’t know they are superhero for while lex luthor get trying to crush the world
batmnan find this message and getting crazy and get his car and go fast to save the world in same time superman was trying to save his girl friend after lex luthor judge her .. let’s see full amazing story

2. The Avengers Minions:
Judges: Nick Fury, Stan Lee and Joss Whedon are trying to find the new superhero!
Minions got kidnapped during the aliens invasion and they were trying to find their way out of the aliens’ spaceship when the robot arrested them again! so what’s going to happen next?

Minion Iron Man
Minion Thor
Minion Captain America
Minion Hulk

3. Minions Home Alone
The Minion’s Family went on a christmas holiday and left their kid in the house.. at the same time the thief is trying to break into the empty house and steal valuable stuff! what do you expect to happen when a kid minion is left home alone?

4- God Of wars

Have you ever imagined how the daily routine of Kratos (God of War) looks like? Come see it yourself!

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